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What You Can Expect During A Roof Replacement Project


When you’re looking for valuable roofing tips, the most useful may just be what you should expect when you have the roof replaced. Before you have the work done, you need to know what comes as part of the project. This includes what type of work is going to be performed along with the materials used so that you come out with a brand-new roof that can stand up to the wear and tear of the environment around your residence.

But this process starts with knowing if you need to have that work done in the first place or if you need your roofing Omaha repaired instead. Knowing the difference of choosing one over the other can actually save you a whole lot of money while preventing you from losing the value that still exists in your current roof. If the roof you have now is still reliable and strong enough to get the job done, then why replace it?

Replacement Over Repair

So, you’ve made the decision to replace instead of repair. Now what? There are plenty of homeowners who are asking that very same question and finding answers is as easy as reading ahead. Every roof is comprised of many different components and you can expect that all of these items will play no small role in ensuring that your roof is in tip top shape.

But it’s more than just the shingles that will need professional attention. There are a couple of very important parts that require your contractor’s expertise.


The roof of your home is only as reliable as the weakest shingle. Hopefully none of your roofing shingles can be characterized as weak because your roofing contractor will come to the house and diagnose the condition of the shingles to decide which ones will need to be torn up and removed and which ones can remain. But in most cases, you can expect all of your shingles to be replaced with a whole new set as part of a roofing replacement project.


After your roofing contractor removes all of the shingles, he or she will then inspect the decking of the roof in order to determine if any repairs are needed or if the decking has sustained too much wear and tear whereas a replacement will be required. This part of your roofing is critical as it helps to strengthen the structural integrity of the roof and holds your shingles in place. Without it, they would be falling to the ground.


It is absolutely essential that your roof remains waterproof at all times. This is where the underlayment comes in as it prevents water from seeping into the home through the roof. Most underlayment is made from roofing felt and asphalt.


This component works with the underlayment to keep your home water-tight and while the underlayment stops water from getting in through your roof, the flashing is placed at those areas of the roof where water can collect and possibly slip through tiny cracks where chimneys, skylights, and vents have been installed.

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