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Top Four Tips for Roller Shutter Doors Maintenance


Adding roller shutter doors to your property can be a great decision. These products offer a range of benefits, such as additional security and privacy. Since roller shutters are not very common, many people are not aware of how to properly maintain them to keep functioning flawlessly.

Here are top four tips on how you can work for your roller shutter doors maintenance and help them work for a long time at maximum effectiveness.

  1. Clean the Bottom Bars

The windows sills of your home or office can get too dirty and dusty. Having roller shutter doors installed on them needs you to pay additional attention to these areas. Make sure to clean debris and dust out of the bar or else to let your roller shutter lock into place properly.

  1. Wash the Roller Shutter Doors 

Do not allow your roller shutters to build up dirt or debris. Make sure to wash them every three months with some mild soap solution and water. It is even better to use carefully scrub the shutters with a soft brush.

  1. Do not Ignore Bugs 

Roller shutters can be beneficial in several ways. They not only help you keep out light and prying eyes but also let bugs hide away from your eyes. These insects make nests in the corners of roller shutter doors. It means you need to keep a careful eye on them, especially during the hottest months of the year.

  1. Lubricate the Roller Shutters 

Some roller shutter doors may need you to get into a regular lubricating routine. Some brands use self-lubricated bearings, while others may require you to cover the rolling bearings in oil twice a year. Check with the brand of roller shutter doors to identify the type of shutters you want to have on your property and follow the right steps to maintain them.


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