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Four Ways Outbuildings Can Make Your Home Better


Outbuildings are independent structures that are located on your property but not physically attached to your home. They can be basic (like a pre-fabricated shed) or fully customized and carefully designed. If done right, then a detached accessory structure can add value to your property and enhance your home. In fact, it’s been reported that an outbuilding adds the most property value of any garden feature. Read on for 4 ways outbuildings can make your home better.

  1. “Staging” Your Exterior

Are tools cluttering up your garage? Is the side of your house littered with yard equipment or toys? A small outbuilding can be a neat and attractive solution to make your home appear more organized. It works just like you stage the inside of your home when you put it on the market. Small storage sheds can make your home’s garage and exterior more attractive to potential buyers. There are plenty of attractive, weather-proof options that you can pick up at a hardware store or order online.

  1. Adding Living Space

A custom-built structure can expand the available living space on your property. Perhaps it’s used as a “man cave” or a “she shed”. Maybe it’s designed to be a play space for children or a game room for entertaining. The key is to build a solid structure that’s practical and attractive. Add some basic amenities like lights, fans or an air conditioning unit. Dress the interior with some simple decor. Paint the exterior to match your home and add a few plants or pavers around the facade.

  1. Protecting Your Car

An outbuilding doesn’t necessarily mean a shed. A detached garage is another type of outbuilding that can add property value. If your home does not have a garage, then this is a practical feature that will appeal to many buyers.

  1. Creating Functional Benefits

Outbuildings such as greenhouses, barns, workshops, or even chicken coops can add a unique selling feature that connects with buyers’ personal interests. Just make sure that your neighborhood and zoning regulations allow for an outbuilding to be used for its intended purpose.

Make sure you check local permitting requirements before adding an outbuilding to your property. If you are building a custom outbuilding, then research reputable contractors and use a professional to build the structure. Use your home as a guide for decorating the exterior of the detached accessory structure so that it matches and compliments the main building. Keeping the outbuilding in good condition is also critical because an accessory structure in poor condition can reduce your home’s value.

Give your outbuilding a specific purpose and keep in well-maintained to increase your property value. A specific purpose will help prospective buyers understand how it can enhance their lifestyle. Good maintenance will show that the structure is an asset and not an added expense. By making your accessory structure practical, purposeful, and fun, you will help buyers appreciate the feature and what it adds to your home.

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