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6 Incredible Benefits of Renting a Condo


Condominium popularly known as “condo” is owned by the tenant and is managed under the Homeowners Association [HOA]. In a condo, each unit is owned by an individual. Some condo owners can decide to live elsewhere and rent out their unit to other people and hence become the landlord.

If you are looking to buy a condo or rent one, you can contact condo management nyc, they will connect you to condos that are available for sale or rental. Meanwhile, whether you are looking to buy or rent a condo, the following are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

  1. Availability of amenities

Condos, unlike most apartments, provide amenities to the tenants. Some of the amenities that are available in condos include swimming pools, a fitness room, a rooftop space, a party room, etc. There are also some condos which have dog wash stations, rock-climbing walls, meeting rooms, and cinema-style home theatres.

You can take full advantage of the many amenities that condos provide. Having this kind of amenities where you live can save you money and time compared to when you have to look for them elsewhere.

  1. Security

Security is of a great significance when one is looking for a place to rent. The modern condos focus more on the security aspect. Some buildings opt to confine security to weekends only, but with condos, the security is stable 24/7.

The security officers ensure that they understand the building’s daily routine so that in case there’s anything that seems weird, they can take action. They also handle arguments that may arise inside the building.

  1. Ensuite laundry

Having an ensuite laundry can save you time. Having an ensuite laundry means that you don’t need to carry your basket to the basement which has paid machines. The only thing that you do is open the laundry closet door, start your load, and continue with your daily activities. The ensuite laundry can also provide comfort especially if you have small children.

  1. Air conditioning is guaranteed

Unlike many apartments which don’t consider climate change, condos provide the tenants with air conditioning unit. Condos are initially built for owner occupation, so there is a guarantee that you will have air conditioner during hot months.

  1. Upkeep is aimed for long-term

Some living elements can affect your day to day life, for example, if the elevators frequently get faulty,  the hallways are always dirty, or if the lights in the lobby don’t always function. The management of any building should strive to keep the place clean, any repairs that are required should address.

In condo buildings, the owners are responsible for taking care of the maintenance. But there are instances where the residents pay for the maintenance. You can talk with the landlord to inquire if they will cover some of the maintenance costs like paying the plumber or it will be you. Make sure to read the lease contract before you sign it.

  1. You get personal time with the landlord

Since you are renting from the owner of the condo, you can get personal time with him/her. These owners of condos don’t own plenty of property, so you can have their attention.

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