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Luxury condo decoration trends in Florida


In Florida, it is all about going big or going home. Thus, luxury condos in the Sunshine State are nothing new. It is all about professional planning, function and finishes, quality and extra bang for your buck. Yes, you can not go small here, and that is something that both investors and locals realized. These high-end condos are usually rented by travelers who need the right accommodation for their vacation and who want to experience luxury they do not have at home. Or by people who have second homes they plan on using for vacations or for their future retirement. So, if you have a condo in Florida, and you want to make it luxurious, lavish and posh, keep on reading for some tips and tricks.

Ask For Professional Assistance

First things first, unless you are a professional interior designer or a decorator, it would probably be best if you asked trained professionals to help you out. That is the best way to make sure your condo looks stylish, modern, up to date and functional. Professional interior designers have a lot of skills and experience and will make your condo luxurious in no time. Also, you will save a lot of time and energy with their help as they know exactly where to buy any item you need for your home and exactly where to place it.

Do not hesitate to call trained people to help you out. Before relocating furniture and home knick-knacks, ask Boca Raton moving professionals for assistance. Before redecorating any aspect or area of your Florida home, call an architect. And, as previously mentioned, before changing wall colors and home stuff shopping, call a designer or a professional decorator.

Open Concept is a Must

Single story homes with an open concept or an open floor plan are extremely popular nowadays. Not just in Florida, but pretty much everywhere in the world. So, if you want to follow the trends, make sure your condo has an open concept. This is especially important for small places, as this kind of concept can open up any room and make it feel bigger and greater. Everything should be connected – kitchen, dining room and living room. If possible, get rid of any walls standing between those three areas. Moreover, do not forget to soundproof the walls separating a bedroom or an office form the rest of the condo.

Yes, this can be a time, energy and money consuming task. So, it is definitely something you should do before movers from come to relocate all the furniture. However, if you want to follow the luxury condo decoration trends in Florida, this is where you should start.

Open concept homes are great for entertain too! And, that is something everybody in Florida needs. Alt.tag: A living room.

Make it Modern and Simple

Well, if you want to follow luxurious trends and be up to date, the inside of your condo must be modern and contemporary. When it comes to trends in Florida, it all comes down to organic and clean lines. And, if you have an open concept and large windows, you are halfway finished with making your condo look modern. Also, do not clutter the condo with unnecessary pieces of furniture and decorations. The less is more here. Focus on minimal detailing. The furniture should have clean lines and soft curves. Also, be careful when choosing the color palette. Match your furniture with the walls and floors. It would be best to use neutral colors like white, beige and grey, as they all mix and match with everything perfectly as well as create a modern feel.

This luxury condo decoration trend in Florida is actually inspired by people who are always on the go, even when they are vacationing. Yes, most of us are busy 24/7, so all this modern simplicity helps eliminate the clutter and thus help people relax.

There can be no luxury if your kitchen is not equipped with modern elements. Alt. tag: A kitchen.

Invest in a Spa Bathroom

Let us be honest, no luxury bathroom in Florida can be complete without a luxurious spa bathroom. As we previously mentioned, we live in a busy and stressful world, and soaking up in your jacuzzi tub is one of the best ways to relax and unwind after a long day. That is why these luxurious style bathrooms have become a norm in Florida. If you want to be a bit extra, you can create a separated toilet area too. And, as with everything, you must invest a lot in the latest bathroom items. Good-quality tiles, floor heating systems, jacuzzi tubs, enormous showers with frameless glass doors, large mirrors with led light and so on. All of these items are high on the luxury bathroom list. Moreover, if you plan on renting your condo, this will really increase the price of it.

One thing is for sure – you can not go wrong with a spa bathroom. Alt.tag: A bathroom.

Integrate Smart Technology Into Your Condo

We live in the 21st century and smart technology is just a way of a lifestyle. Because of that, you should do everything in your power to modernize your condo and make it smart too. You can do that by investing in heating and cooling systems, lighting features, surveillance, all new electronics for each room, and so on. You can control every electronic aspect of your home with remote control – and what can be more luxurious than that. Today, everything is possible as long as you are not planning to cut corners, but go all out. The areas of your home on which you should focus the most when it comes to electronics are certainly the kitchen and living room. Invest in high-quality appliances for your kitchen and some gadgets for the living room to make it extra posh.


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