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Title: Why Drone Videography Is Crucial For An Effective Real Estate Listing


Aerial video shot by drones is a growing trend in real estate marketing. More than just a passing fad, drone video can actually make your property sell faster because it creates an incredible first impression and reveals more about the listing than traditional photography. Professional real estate drone videography can be used to show off the home, neighborhood, and amenities that a property has to offer. It works for properties of all kinds, whether you’re listing a tiny country cottage or a mansion with acres of grounds. Drone videography has become an important real estate marketing tool, and its importance will only increase as more buyers use the Internet in their search for a home.

Drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), have been making a splash in real estate marketing. Using drones, you can capture incredible, immersive videos of your property and make an incredible impression on prospective buyers. Drone cameras can take breathtaking aerial photos or take viewers on a virtual tour of a home.

Whether you’re listing a two-bedroom house or a sprawling estate, real estate drone videography should be an essential piece of your listing process. Not quite convinced? Here are just a few reasons you should consider adding drone video to your real estate marketing strategy.

Use Drone Video to Wow Potential Buyers

Right off the bat, drone videos grab a viewer’s attention and generate interest in the property. Rather than giving potential buyers just a couple views of the home, drone video offers impressive aerial views that highlight every aspect of the home, and even the neighborhood.

Real estate video should be a big piece of your marketing plan. After all, according to The National Association of Realtors, 90% of buyers look online at some point in their search for a new home. With so many people perusing online listings, why not make sure your listing stands out in a good way by using high quality, professionally shot video?

Drone Videos Reveal More About the Property

Hiring a drone videographer is a no-brainer if you’re listing a larger property. When it comes to giving a virtual tour of the grounds and giving viewers a sense of flow through the house and grounds, nothing beats drone video. Buyers can simply press play and see exactly where the pool is in relation to the house, guest house, or other amenities.

Even smaller homes can benefit from using drone videography in their listings. Drones can capture images of hard-to-see parts of the home, such as the condition of the roof. These images reveal more about the property than traditional photography and reassure buyers that they’re making a good investment.

Listings With Real Estate Drone Videography Sell Better

Drone videos aren’t just visually impressive and informative. According to Zillow, listings that feature drone videography tend to sell much better. Citing statistics from multiple listing services found that properties with drone videos in their listing are 68% more likely to sell.

Real estate drone videography doesn’t have to focus just on the property for sale. You can get creative and use drone videos to show off great features in the neighborhood. Try making a video of the walk to a local school, library, or hiking trail from the house. These kinds of videos give buyers a sense of what their life in that community could be like, which helps them imagine themselves and their families enjoying the property.

Talk to a Professional

As homebuyers turn to the Internet more and more for help in their search, real estate drone videography will become an increasingly important way to make your listing stand out. You don’t have to buy a drone and take classes to figure out how to get a stunning video of your property. By working with professional drone videographers, you can reap the benefits that aerial video offers without the hassle.

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