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Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Give Your Home A Warm Glow


We all want a little glow in our lives and the best place to start is outdoors. The outside lighting around your home can serve multiple purposes, from safety and security to improved aesthetics for curb appeal that will make guests and passersby alike sit up and take notice.

But while every homeowner wants to give their home a warm glow, most of them are unsure of how to go about getting it. You can call a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company for their best outdoor lighting tips or you can try these ideas first. We have some helpful hints to give you the expertise necessary for getting the glow you really want, especially with the holiday season approaching and all your family and friends coming to visit.

Let’s shed some light on how you can get the illumination you really want and make your outdoors glow.

Bring A Unique Approach

You may feel inclined to search for outdoor lighting ideas in all types of places, whether it’s online, in a magazine, or just over the fence in your next-door neighbor’s yard. But the thing to remember is that you are creating the glow that works for you and your home. So, you can gain all of the inspiration you want but find a way to spin it to reflect the personalities of you and your family.

Be original and different, this is your house and no one else has to be happy with your lighting decisions but you.

Placing Your Fixtures

You do not want to install your lights without coming up with a solid plan first. That means you’ll want to take a good long walk around the exterior of the house. Start taking notes as to the areas where you want and need sufficient lighting to keep friends and family safe and highlight specific features around the property of which you are particularly proud.

Start with the locations where you and your family and friends spend time outdoors. Focus on these additional living spaces such as a deck, your patio, or a pool first, because everyone spends so much time in these areas. You want to avoid anyone sustaining a trip and fall accident due to poor visibility and so your fixture placement should reflect this lighting strategy.

After that, think about any architectural features or landscaping features on the house or yard that you would like to spotlight. There’s nothing wrong with a little showing off and finding the right lighting to put these things front and center in your lighting scheme is not just a good idea but a shrewd one as well. Especially if and when you decide to put your home on the market. You want to put your best foot forward on a resale and smart fixture placement is a key component to a fast and lucrative transaction.

Realtor statistics have shown that homes with a little glow often sell faster than homes that have poor or poorly planned lighting schemes surrounding the exterior.

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