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Benefits of Having a Manufactured Home


Manufactured homes are gaining in popularity and it’s not uncommon to see them everywhere. Some people think they are nothing more than trailers, while other people aren’t sure if they should get one. There are a quite a few benefits, and if you’re looking into manufactured homes in Jackson MI, then keep reading to see some of these.

They Get Built Pretty Quickly

The first benefit of getting a manufactured home is that they get built quickly. In fact, the construction gets done much quicker than a traditional home. The main reason for this is because this type of home can be built in factories. When the home gets to your property, it’s already around 90% done. Keep in mind, just because these homes are built quickly, it doesn’t mean that they don’t follow codes or get proper inspections!

They Have Great Financing Options

The next benefit is that manufactured homes have great financing options. Even though the overall price of a manufactured home is quite a bit lower than other homes, it is still quite a bit of money. It’s extremely easy to get financed for this type of loan and there are quite a few resources you can turn to for help. Keep in mind that each loan will have its own criteria that needs to be met, such as: credit score, down payment and interest rates.

They Have a Decent Amount of Customization

Since you can have quite a bit of customization, you can make it how you want it. Many people think that you get the home as it is, but you can change and customize. For example, some of the things you can customize are: carpet color, wall colors and countertop colors. It might not have endless choices, but it has a pretty decent selection.

They Have a High Level of Energy Efficiency

These days, manufactured homes have many appliances that are ENERGY STAR appliances. The people building the home ensure that everything in the house is how it should be and working the way it needs to. Having a home with more energy conscious supplies means you can save energy up to 50% more!

They’re Extremely Affordable Housing Options

Another huge benefit of have a manufactured home is that it’s very affordable. When you look at a traditional home and a manufactured home side by side, you’ll see that the total cost of the manufactured home is much more affordable. You could end up saving thousands because a manufactured home costs less per square foot than a traditional home. With the money you save, you could put it into other things, such as landscaping!

As you can see, these types of homes are so much more than just ordinary trailers. Not only can they be very affordable, but they also do well with all kinds of different family types! If you think this would be something that would be great for your family, find a place and reach out!

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